Creative and scientific tools
to solve complex communication issues.

NASA & New

New develops the strategic and creative launch of Exploration Ground Systems,
the most ambitious program in NASA’s history.

Overall communicational consultants. Mission. Branding. Film. Culture. Language. Creative Executions.

Andes Origen & New

In collaboration with french artist Jean Julien,
New created brand, concept and a totally new language for a beer brand.

Concept. TV. Print. Radio. Installations. Overall Launch.

Andes Origen & New

The engineering of Andes Origen product branding by New & Atlas Design.

Product Branding/Design.

NASA & New

The Studio at NASA’s JPL Creative Lab and Paul Hutchinson at Hypetype Studios
take the EGS branding developed by New to the next level.

Branding. Creative Executions.

FARC & New

New helps FARC during the hard journey towards peace in Colombia.

Communication advisory. Language. Investigative Journalism. Research.

ABInBev & New

Blended Learning: New creates an innovative research method by bringing neuroscience, data analytics, journalism and creativity together for Quilmes beer.

Data analytics. Research. Investigative Journalism. Strategy. Neuroscience. Film.

Colombian Government & New

A Strange Animal: A journey through Colombian Peace Process.

Communication advisory. Film. Creative Executions.

Gi Fly Bike & New

Re-imagining the future of urban mobility.
Introducing Gi Fly Bike.

Concept. Branding. Communication.

Porongo & New

How can organic food shake up the mainstream food landscape?

Product development. Production. Branding. Creative executions.