Creative and scientific tools
to solve complex communication issues.

NASA & New

New develops the strategic and creative launch of Exploration Ground Systems,
the most ambitious program in NASA’s history.

Overall communicational consultants. Mission. Branding. Film. Culture. Language. Creative Executions.

FARC & New

New helps FARC during the hard journey towards peace in Colombia.

Communication advisory. Language. Investigative Journalism. Research.

ABInBev & New

Blended Learning: New creates an innovative research method by bringing neuroscience, data analytics, journalism and creativity together for Quilmes beer.

Data analytics. Research. Investigative Journalism. Strategy. Neuroscience. Film.

Colombian Government & New

Understanding Colombia through
the Peace Referendum Study.

Communication advisory. Film. Creative Executions.

Gi Fly Bike & New

Re-imagining the future of urban mobility.
Introducing Gi Fly Bike.

Concept. Branding. Communication.

Porongo & New

How can organic food shake up the mainstream food landscape?

Product development. Production. Branding. Creative executions.

Anthony Roth Costanzo & New

Rethinking the future of Opera with one of the most renowned voices in the world.

Creative consultancy.