Where Scientific Research
meets Creative Execution.

Something New


New Creative Sciences is a creative communications agency that exists to help its clients implement effective communication strategies through creative advertising. Working with a range of organisations and commercial clients, from start-ups to global companies and governments, we combine Data Analytics with creativity to ensure that our clients’ communications are strong enough to provoke the desired change.

When the world’s attention is focused elsewhere, how do you get people to take notice of your endeavour? How do you get people to think about what your project means to their daily lives? How do you get people to truly, deeply care? We use the power of data analytics to better understand how and why people think and behave the way they do. We use the power of investigative journalism to find new insights and new stories. We use the power of art to write a new narrative.

Look. Agitate. Understand.


The scientific power of Data Analytics: Creative provocations give us the means to challenge current behaviours, stimulate reactions and identify the most powerful catalyst for change. We do this not to document the past, but to illuminate the future and the possibilities that it offers.

The inquisitive power of Investigative Journalism: The spirit of the investigative journalist is the lens through which we look at that data. It illuminates our understanding of the challenge. It makes new connections and reveals new insights. In a similar fashion to how a magazine editorial team would work we will not simply ‘report’ the facts. Instead we will question and probe current behaviours and conventions by exposing consumers to a new angle, hypothesis, myth or premise. This leads to refreshing facts, perspectives and insights.

The creative power of Art: Data analytics gives us the hard quantitative market context and observations to better understand the challenge we face, the confidence to create new ideas and the means to robustly substantiate the choices and decisiones we make.